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Jinny, Choo Chang and Hermione are all friends.

Hermione likes Harry (as a friend/classmate).

Harry is Jinny's boyfriend.

Harry and Choo Chang have mutual understanding.

Hermione saw Harry and Choo Chang each other in the movie house.

Possible Scenarios:

PS1 -- If Hermione tells Jinny about the mutual understanding of the two, Harry and Choo Chang, she might get hurt.

PS2 -- If Hermione keeps the secret by her, sooner or later Jinny will find out the secret and their friendships might be ruined.

Theory/ Principle of Ethical Decision:

Rawl's Veil of Ignorance

What a predicament. I'm not involve at the situation but since I accidentally saw my friend's boyfriend with someone else now I have to GET involve. I will definitely tell my friend that his boyfriend is with a girl we both know, slowly, I will explain to her detailed by detailed for her not to be surprised and get hurt. I don't want to take make things more complicated by keeping the secret by myself; after all, my friend is my friend. And her boyfriend is her boyfriend; she should not share it with someone else and she should know that that guy is cheating on her.

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