Hello Netizen!

I don't know how you ended up here but ..


It is my personal blog which doesn't generate any income from AdSense or any Affiliate Links. (I secretly want it that way because I don't want to exploit it. Shhh!)

I have started keeping a journal when I was in elementary. I've written them in Tagalog or in barok English.

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In high school, I've become fond of reading Seventeen and Candy magazines and watching foreign films. These influenced me to take up Communication Arts.

While I was in college, I discovered the blogosphere. I'm eager to create my own blog as the people I look up to have their own blog. (Nowadays, they're just mostly on Instagram.)

9 Years A Corporate Slave
After college, I moved to the city and got a job as a Creative Writer for a courier company. It was my very first job. I experienced having a hard time producing decent articles. I discovered I cannot write for a living. If I'm not interested in the subject or topic, or if I'm not in the mood to write, I'll struggle writing. Quit it after 8 months.

Entered the Call Center World. Got a job in one but didn't make the cut after a week. Tried another, got it, but didn't show up on my first day because it coincide with a job interview for a Scriptwriter for films. Didn't get it.

Then, I've lived a bum life for 6 months. I moved back to my parents house in my hometown. While couch potato-ing, I've noticed a Marketing Staff job post on local cable TV channel. I submitted my resume and got a schedule for job interview the next day. One of the question was if I know how to use Photoshop. I confidently said, "Yes!" When I went back home, I started watching Lynda Photoshop tutorials. I started my 2nd job the very next day after the interview. After 6 months, I got fired because of Twitter.

Moved back to Manila just after 11 days from the day I got fired. This was a phase in my life where I've learned to become resilient.

Before college graduation, I wrote down 100 thing that I want to do.. One of which is to go to Singapore..

Yup, that's me exploring Singapore.. It was my first trip abroad, and my first solo trip.

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All the photos posted here are either; linked to their original sources, to Freerice.com (if the photos are mine), or not linked to any sites at all.

The whole content of this blog is subject to change without prior notice.

And yes, I disabled the following :
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Hi, Netizen!

My name's Clarice. It's very rice to meet you. I started keeping a journal when I was ten years old. Since then, I learned and started to write down whatever I feel to express it. Today, I'd rather blog than do the laundry.


Thanks for dropping by. Please do come back.

Have a rice day!


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