Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bangkok Guide : From Bangkok Airport To Khao San Road

Although I have only been to Bangkok a few times. I have tried almost every public transportation of the city. Bus, taxi, train, subway, tuk-tuk, overnight train, ferry, tourist trap boat, and yes, songthaew! Don't exactly know how to pronounce that. Nope, no mototaxi experience yet. On my next visit!! 😜

As a budget traveler, I'm keen to learn all my options to get around in a new city cheaply. That includes going to Khao San Road from Bangkok Airport by an Airport Bus!

Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road blog

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Japan Tourist Visa For Filipinos

Get ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics❗❗

I was lucky to be granted a Multiply-Entry Tourist Visa to Japan early this year. I specifically requested for it because I already had a single entry Japan visa in 2017.

Japan Tourist Visa For Filipinos Guide

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sumida-ku : The Best Area To Stay In Tokyo, Japan

Just where is the best area to stay in Tokyo if you are a...

✔ Solo traveler
✔ First time in Japan
✔ On a really tight budget

Last September was my first time to travel to Japan. It is not my first time to travel solo though. Like many of my previous trips, I planned and prepared for it very poorly..

I decided to change hostel just after I arrived in Narita Airport. While sitting on a bench waiting for the train that would take me to Tokyo, I connected to free Wi-Fi and started browsing other hostels on had always been my most trusted and my most favorite site for securing a nice place to sleep during my trips. Uh, yeah, also, this is an affiliate link. But I really like

The Best Area To Stay In Japan