Friday, February 28, 2003

dear diary,

Hey its hapi day! Why! B'coz i found a cute voice guy. his name is JOSH. (josh ko 09169053- - -) And espesialy its my last day of month Feb. Mean my dad will stay der for only 11 months not 1 year. And its our Monthly exam & during or after the Exam i goto kumputeran & take my rest i talk to somebody (fordgardentractor) (dave_brane) (super_cyber_man) (g) but g is the 1 he is da one wha said i love u (2 me) ha! I tell them my E-mail ad so i hope they mail me (sana) And guess wat dis nite i just found a No. then i text him we tak a lot he is from Saryaya the got to Bagiou because of education then he is 18. I like his Voice. I want to check my inbox now. It turns out that Josh is not calling now. Sori i was just kidding he call me den say "Good Nite Clarice) "yah" i said (what will be his act)