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Friday, March 28, 2003

dear diary,

Nothingelse can be more Nice talking than Helldin from Sweeden 20 y/o. Male Guess. it was Sunny daw nung palabas na kami sabi ko Jemarie chat tayo turuan kita! den she said. Okay. After a long walk. We've begun then it was Helldin. Jemarie is talking to him wen helldin sent his pic to us i like him jemarie disappointed. So i talk to him. HANDSOME HA! (about the picture) he said tnx. and i told him that "ilikeu do you have gf?

right now
we broke up
and how you r. last
1 year.
is it her fault
i think both
u mean u & her
then how did u too meet
we r friends
then call her and tell her u love her
i did it won't works
did it hurts!
what are ur plans now
lay low 4 a while
-don't u worry there are tons
-of girls (like me)
thats cute
And he thought me dat hello is hej
saying gtg.
wat? tell
nevermind your fucking g.F.
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