Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Dear diary,

Hey im so inlove with Bam (he is cute skater, handsome) ahh... watever i like & love him so much. Jancci, Jackilyn and Me have watched JACKASS (his latest handsome) i really lie him after weve watched it Joeneele show up but weve text sombody and fuck then. In fact i visited his website. And i really hate her girlfriend (she sucks) ohh.. hate her so much and his B-day September 28.

Bam Margera,
Why i cant get you out of my mind
Haa... i know theres no such way to with you
Now that your a big star
But i just want you to know that
i really loves you
Well know all the girls in the world are falling inlove with you
They are pretty, perfect and cool
especially Jenn your girlfriend
It's enough for me to tell you that i like you.
And im not the one for you
im so far from you, an ugly girl and i honestly know i'm not the one.
And if im Mandy Moore im the one and first to tell you that
i love you