Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery

Invader Zim ang pinakanakakatawang cartoons! Mas nakakatawa sa Looney Toons, na inaabangan ko pa rin naman sa Cartoon Network tuwing Linggo ng hapon bago ako matapos maglaba. Bakit kaya nag tuluy-tuloy ang Spongebob Square Pants? Tapos itong Invader Zim hindi na sinundan? Kairita!

Pero.. lagi ko pa ding kasama sina Zim at Gir.. sa cellphone ko! Message alert tone, ringtone at alarm ko.. tska pala themes ng phone ko. adik.

[The phone rings, Zim answers it]
Zim: Hello?
Keef: Hey ya buddy!
Zim: Keef? I told you your services are no longer-
Keef: I understand Zim. I was just thinking that maybe we can-
[Phone beeps]
Zim: Hang on, I have another call. [pushes button on the phone]
Zim: Hello?
Keef: Hey ya buddy, you're going to love the circus!

Zim: What are you doing, GIR?
GIR: Nothing...
Zim: Nothing...or something?
GIR: Oh, I can't take it, you're too smart for me. Keef is planning a s'prise party for you after skool. He gonna bring all the kids because he loves you! [crying] That boy loves you so much! [stops crying] I'm makin' the cake!
Zim: He's bringing all the children here? Do you realize what this means?
GIR: Yes! Wait a
Zim: It means the mission is in jeopardy!
GIR: Aw man!