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Thursday, July 08, 2010

in Love, at Bliss, and a Career

dear delivery boy,
sorry i forgot to return your pen.

dear knock! knock!,
napaka-down to earth mong tao, sana lahat kagaya mo.

dear near photocopier,
stay unfixed and broken within my last days, i enjoyed using the far photocopier just so i could see my crush.

dear madam,
sabi ko na nga ba kulasa ka e.

dear former boss,
i know you are not a bitch.

dear ex-boss,
i know you are not gay.

dear devil,
you are sweet. thanks for getting the "large" title, and leaving me the "medium" title.

dear marketing,

dear dating kapitbahay,
we're friends!

dear sanitary engineers,
oha! sosyal ng tawag ko sa inyo. haha. alam kong alam nyo na wala akong ginagawa tuwing nag-stay ako ng matagal sa office. shhhh.. atin-atin na lang. at yung love story ko dito.. shhhh... inyo-inyo na lang. kk?

dear big brother,
i didn't get the chance to get to know you more. but that's how it's supposed to be naman.. kaw si kuya e.

dear dear,
so.. kung di tayo nagkakilala, edi binabati pa rin dapat kita.. 'pag nakatalikod ka na.
so.. much things are left unsaid. i'll leave it that way.

dear rose,
thank you for everything - EVERYTHING. thank you soo much! you've always been there for me. you've always believed in me. you've always cheered for me. you've always guided me. you've always been supportive. thanks sa lahat nang advise. thanks sa lahat nang libre. thanks sa "yeeeees!" thanks sa pakikinig po. god bless you, rose!

dear mr.tends-to-be-good-looking guy,
i shouldn't have said "be nice." 'cos you are. :) and you are certainly a good looking guy. and cool. and nice.

dearest grizzly bear,
you are soo cute. you are soo frightening. and you are soo loved always.

dear rapunzel,
i am not an idiot. got no time left to prove this though. so just hear this - bye.

dear ana,
(i tried rearraging your name by putting the first letter to the last and the last letter to replace the first but it just didn't work. sad.) that's all.

dear ACATECH boys,
somehow you've given my every lunch a little spice, ..you guys are hot!

dear delta gate,
stop making people's lives miserable. my gulay!

dear asia,
you were never that far away from us. i enjoyed your company guys. you rock!

dear pretty bitch,
opps typo..hey pretty mitch! you've introduced me to office food trading. i appreciate all of the foods: mangga, santol, chocnut, etc. salamat!

dear tumbler guy,
hmm.. should i call you tumbler guy or water dispenser guy? anyway, you're cute. you're not that handsome. pa-cute ka pati! 'wag mag-model sa hallway. 'wag mag-hubad kung saturday sa office. at 'wag mo na isusuot 'yang shinny gray pants mo. jologs! roger?

dear pamela,
di ka maganda.

dear procurement,
i've always like the roadtrips by going to your far, far away land called logistics.

dear tres marias,
salamat sa inyong dalawa. salamat sa pakikinig nyong dalawa. salamat sa pagpapayo nyong dalawa. salamat sa pagse-share nyong dalawa. kung di dahil sa inyong dalawa, wala na akong iba pang kakilala.

dear ka-batch,
hey gurl, galingan mo dito. mag-survive ka ha. di na talaga ako magtatagal e. iwan na kita. keep in touch!

dear mga ka-close kong guard,
wag magpapahuling natutulog kung gabi na ha! lalo na kung tirik ang araw sa katanghalian.

dear coffee-vending-machine,
'wag kang mamatayan ng butiki, ha? please lang. at suminti ka naman paminsan-minsan para matadyakan ka ng mga empleyadong may sinti na hindi nahahalata.

dear soda-vending-machine,
i'll buy one on my last-est day. you know how much i hate sodas.

dear mga marikit,
yah sharah nyu!

dear cruella,
life's not always cruel, don't be.

dear joker,
life's not a joke.

dear pooh,
sige, try kita bigyan.

dear mojacko,
don't be surprised when you see an employee at the office around 5:58am next time.

dear tanda,
yes po. clarice po. opps, don't touch me. naah.. don't! I SAID DON'T!

dear oh so coco,
i have your number. ;) oh oh oh

dear ausme,
boss nyo di maganda. buti na lang ambabait nyo.

dear aaa,
you are a bunch of weirdos.

dear toilet bowl,
sorry, i've wasted a lot of water from your tank flashing several times. i didn't even pee but i did flush the water.

dear jo,
there's something i feel about you. there's just something i feel about you.

dear ol,
i thank god for i am not pretty, not beautiful nor a sexy slut. because if i was.. ha! but seriously, to me you are amazing.. naah.. to me you are attractive.

dear mansmith,
mahal n'yo! sana workshop na lang ng final cut pro nailaan yung pera para sa slot ko na ibinayad sa inyo. i super enjoyed the endless foods though.

dear rice allocation,
hi! i'm rice. it's rice to meet you too. so sad, i didn't get the chance to have you and take you home.

dear dhl guys,
pasalamat kayo, nakapagpipigil ako.

dear hppc,
thanks for working with me and never letting me down althroughout. just an advise, request for a mouse replacement. your mouse is sick!

dear biometrics,
after saying "you are authorised." kindly add these, "now, get lost!"

dear b1,
kahit naiinis ako sa'yo kung minsan, alam kong lagi mo akong iniintindi na lang. bata ako e. salamat pa din!

dear b2,
kabaliktadan nung kambal mo. dami ko natutunan sa'yo! salamat sa mga naituro mo.

dear doms,
there's no place like you that will let me see airplanes land and take-off everyday.

dear multo,
wala ka naman. di kita naramdaman. di kita nakita. dalaw ka minsan.

dear space shuttlers,
thanks for free rides going to work or going home.

dear over 850* lbc branches,
i'll never forget to salute you whenever i see each one of you!

dear the-only-left-red-cartolina-heart-shaped-pasted-on-the-wires-since-valentines,
stay in love.

dear mr.lbc man,
tayo-tayo din pala magkikita sa finals. gusto ko po happy din kayo!

at sa lahat ng empleyadong natitira, una-unahan lang. at ma-una na po ako!

this post was inspired by Honor Society's Where Are You Now.
*and counting
c' ' ;)
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