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Monday, November 05, 2012

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Do you remember when you helped me out moving the last batch of my staff from Fairview to Sampaloc?

Do you remember when you accompanied me with fetching my things in Legarda?

Do you remember when half of Metro Manila was inder flood and we met at Espanya?

Do you remember when I secretly handed you the mgnet that IT bought you in Singapore?

Do you remember when we walked in to Manila Hotel's lobby and sat in there for a minute or two and took pictures of each other?

Do you remember when I suddenly decided to drop off at Boni to meet you cos I can't for anoter night to read your letter?

Do you remember when you brought me to Bangbang nd I had the first taste of Lamien?

Do you remember when we went to MOA, we sat there by the seaside nd waited until the waves crashed onto the huge rocks and made us slightly wet

Do you remember when IT was really really hungry in my place and you came by from work so we could eat together

Do you remember when you successfully convinced me to ride the rollercoaster in that theme park, I was a scarred cat and all I did was screamed out your name with a curse word.

Do you remember when we first kissed on that bus?

Do you remember when you first held my hand when we were about to cross that street to get to the jeepney terminal.

Do you remember when you first brought me to your University and we had a really nice memorabe tour?

Do you remember when we met at the bus terminal and we just wanted to get out of the city but ended up bumping into my brother and m sister-in-law. And still manged to still get out of the city.

Do you remember when you came all the way from Commonwealth to my place in fairview to send me flower on Valentines day? I wish you had seen how hppy you made me that very day.

Do you remember when I got upset onetime, though it erent a couple back then and you gave me ice cream as peace offering.

Do you remember when you had you haircut nd you thought it was too short, nd when I saw I tried t hide my smile, but you were just too cute and adorable that day.

Do you remember when I got my un blue petite electric fan and une blue petite pail.

Do you remember when we tried this old Chinese restaurant and we enjoyed eating their siopao?

Do you remember when we were sitting on the bench when you were waiting for for the bus and we aked each other's questions :-)

Do you remember when I sneaked out of the company's sport activity tô meet you so we could have a tour of the Doulous.

Do you remembèr when we talked for hours at jollibee that night and we both lost track of time.

Do you remember when watched this movie that did not scare the hell out of of us so we just decided to do something else.

Do you remember when I was too awkward to say goodbyes, I didnt know exactly what to do so when I hugged you I also tapped your back.

Do you remember onè Sunday and you decided you want to see me and you surprised me when you magically showed up at our front door.

Do you remember wheever we would sneak oût of the office hoping no one would notice everytime we would meet up at 7eleven.

Do you remember when I was craving fôr Tapa King and we also got a chance tô watch a football play.

Do you remember when ôur officemates decided to go out. The boys played billiards, you were winning. And us, girls, decided tô play bowling, and I was leading.

Do you remember the company's summer outing and we spent some hours alone kayaking.

Do you remember during Mothers day and you got your mom's white e. It was our monthsary so you got me flowers also. And it kdept my room scented for more than a week.

Do you remember when we walked from the office all the way to the play ground along Pedro Gil that night we were stranded

Do you remember when we sat on that poorly constructed concrete bench along Espanya Manila and talked for hours

Do you remember when I used to live in Fairview and we would both listen to BNO on our separate way home using our phones

Do you remember when we randomly felt like drinking that night at that Mexican Restaurant and I had one or two bottles and you had moree

This post was inspired by Guy Fawkes Night and 'Do You Remember' by Jack Johnson.

Revised 11/12/12
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