Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Certified Hair Donor of Metro Manila

The idea started when I was sitting inside a pawnshop in the middle of Paco, Manila. I saw there a poster of a hair dealer. Hmm.. I can trade my hair for some bucks. Kinda interesting, right? I'd be like Ashton Kutcher who used to sell his blood! After that sweet encounter with the poster, I dug up more and learned about the organizations which accept hair donation for cancer patients.
Days, months, years passed by when I came across Cuts Againts Cancer facebook page liked by our HR lady who had an experienced of donating her hair.
Cuts Againts Cancer is an international organization which has a branch here in the Philippines. On their website, you will find a calendar of events on when and where you can find them to donate your hair!

Fortunately, I found another organizer in Makati Medical Center which accepts hair donations during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month happening in June of the year.

A month ago, I was in MMC in time for my admission as I will undergo thyroidectomy. While running here and there inside the hospital, I saw this poster when I passed by the Cancer Center. I stood there when Kuya Guard at the door asked me "Mag-donate ka ma'am?" I answered, "Oo. Kaya ko pinahaba buhok ko e."

By June 1st, I went back to MMC and found myself standing in front of the poster again when Are Janitress at the door asked me "Mag-donate ka ma'am?" I answered, "Opo." She then accompanied me to the registration table. The organizers greeted me and handed me merienda.

I was surprised to see a salon-like set-up inside the hospital. It was complete with mirrors, bright lighting, sound of hair dryer, and hair stylists from Heads by Volu-Med located at Shangri-La Makati.

Wall of Fame for the Hair Donors
Had to edit this on Photoshop because they spelled my name wrongly. Can you notice which letter is edited? :P
Here are a few requirements to follow if you want to donate your hair:
  1. Hair must be dry
  2. Hair should be ponytailed
  3. Hair must be put in ziplock
  4. Hair length should be around 9 - 12 inches (varies)
  5. and others! Better check with the organization's requirements
Pardon my un-readiness for these selfies.
Also, I'm anemic but I'm trying to be better. I want to donate blood, unlike Ashton mee-hee. Let me know your favorite institution to donate blood. Thanks in advance! xx