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Hello! Welcome to Rice Soup for the Soul blog! I'm Clarice and my closest friends call me 'Rice'.

I think I will like that Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I haven't read it but I have a copy!

Rice Soup for the Soul my personal blog where I like to share my past, present, and future -- past experiences, present thoughts and feelings, or future plans and goals.

The beginning

In 1999, I started this Dear Diary thing. When I was in high school, I've become fond of teen magazines. I bought several back issues since it's waaay cheaper than the latest issue. That was the time as well when I discovered my interest in foreign and Hollywood movies. The combination of addiction to teen magazines and being a movie buff let me to taking up Communication Arts in college. One of the best decisions I made in my life! My college days were full of rainbows and unicorns.

A year before college graduation, I created a blog. I wanted to secure a space in the internet for my old diary entries - to digitized them!

The art of blogging fascinated me. Blogs allow any individual to showcase anything they want to the world through words, photos, and videos. What a wonderful powerful tool!

Fast forward to

-Internship in a publication industry - a fashion magazine to be specific, inspired by The Devil Wears Prada. Memorable experience. In the end, not for me.
-Almost got scammed from a nanny job offer in the UK. Due to this "job offer", I processed and got myself a passport.
-First job in a logistics and remittance company as Creative Writer, and later on, as a Marketing Assistant. Lived a yuppie lifestyle.

-Learned Photoshop in an hour or two during lunchtime as I proclaimed I know how to use Photoshop in a job interview earlier that day
-Got the job. It was my second job as Marketing Staff in a real estate company. Mostly, I did layout and copywriting for flyers and brochures. Liked it.
-Third job in a mobile/electronics company as Marketing Staff, and later on, Marketing Associate. "To jobs that pay the rent!" -The Devil Wears Prada
-Traveled to Singapore for two days and one night - spent in Changi Airport. First outside of the country solo trip with an intention of spending the night to sleep at the airport.

-Traveled to Thailand with my (ex)boyfriend. Second outside of the country travel.

-Fourth job in a multi-national automotive company. Pay was goooood!
-Broke up the (ex)boyfriend

-Traveled to Vietnam with former colleague and to Taiwan with current officemates.

-Traveled to Hong Kong with Macau my former colleague
-Traveled solo to Malaysia and South Korea
-Traveled to Singapore with a group of officemates
-Shared a short lived relationship with an eccentric guy whom I've learned a lot from and turned my perspective of world to hundred eighty degress
-Traveled from Cambodia to Thailand then Malaysia and Indonesia to recover from the breakup and reboot

-Traveled to Japan

-Said my goodbye to corporate world
-Traveled to New Zealand and stayed there with my relatives for a month
-Published an ebook on Amazon
The King of the Beasts Book Cover


I have an upcoming trip to Myanmar by the end of this week. I will be in a meditation retreat center in Yangon during my 30th birthday. And Bangkok afterwards to recover.


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