Don't know how you ended up here but.. oh well.

This is my personal blog which doesn't generate any income. I tried AdSense and Affiliate Links but I'm just bad at it. I created this blog to secure a place on the internet for my diary entries.

I have started keeping a journal when I was in elementary. I've written them in Tagalog or in barok English. You can find them here : link (soon!). They're terribly written, I know!

In high school, I've become fond of reading Seventeen and Candy magazines and watching foreign films. These influenced me to take up Communication Arts which made be become a lousy artsy individual of today.

While I was in college, I discovered the blogosphere. I was so eager to create my own blog as the people I look up to have their own. Nowadays, they're just mostly on Instagram. Boring people!

After college, I moved to the big city. I worked as a Creative Writer for a major local courier company. Struggled at it. Fled after 8 months.

Tried to penetrate in the Call Center World. Didn't make the cut after a week in one. Tried another, got it, but didn't show up on my first day as it coincide with a job interview for a Scriptwriter. Didn't get it.

Lived a bum life for 6 months with my parents back in my hometown. While couch potato-ing, I noticed a Marketing Staff job post on local cable TV channel for a small real-estate company. Sent my resume, got a schedule an interview the next day. I was asked if I know how to use Photoshop. I confidently said, "YES!" When I went back home, I watched Lynda tutorial. That's my 2nd job. After 6 months, I got fired.

Two months later, I was in Singapore. My first travel abroad, my first solo trip, with just a backpack, no pre-booked accommodation, with more or less that USD 200. No credit card. No gadget to connect to a Wi-Fi. I slept at Changi. It was planned to be unplanned. Survived it. Enjoyed it. Lived it.

In the later part of 2016, I went backpacking from Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia-Indonesia.

This is where I mostly share the story of my travels. But you should know up front, this is not a travel blog.

Thanks for dropping by.




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